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15 November 2019

My GRE Guide (or: How to 3-stock the GRE)

by Krishna

The following is a collection of vague insights I gathered while preparing for, and taking, the GRE. Reading this guide won’t automatically increase your score or anything, but hopefully it’ll give you some ideas on how to squeeze out those last few points, or at least understand the mentality of the test-makers. That being said, do understand that getting a perfect score is largely a matter of luck past a point.

I had originally drafted these points for the sake of a friend who asked for advice, but I realized that there was enough material here to merit sharing. So hey, here’s my first ever blog post!

The Essays


Verbal (outside of vocab)


General Tips

And that’s it. Since it’s already mid-November, I suppose this isn’t really the season, but hey, better now than never right?

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